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New Entrance for Heaton Manor School

New Entrance for Heaton Manor School As part of an ongoing program to replace failing aluminium door sets with Marian RP heavy use steel hinged doors, we recently completed the installation of a new automatic main entrance.

Heaton Manor School is host to around 1900 energetic eleven to eighteen year olds ensuring the doors are subject to very high use. The original aluminium door sets were simply falling apart. Marian steel door sets are robust enough to take the strain for many years but also user friendly enough to be the ideal solution within a high traffic flow environment such as Heaton Manor School.

The entrance doors are fitted with automatic opening devices to allow controlled access and egress. The school demands high quality, very reliable products that will make the very best of their budgets and have turned to Marian to ensure their needs are satisfied. Marian also provide a full maintenance and repair back up service for automatic doors and can offer expert advice to ensure new and existing installations comply with BS EN 16005.