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Commercial Fire Roller Shutters

The Compact Fire Roller Shutter has been developed to provide compartmentation where aesthetics are important. The compact neat design is ideal for public sector applications such as schools, colleges and public buildings.

Curtain: Constructed from scrolled galvanised steel 75mm deep interlocking sections with malleable iron end locks.

Guides: Galvanised steel U channels secured to the structure via appropriate fixings. The channels range from 75mm to 100mm in depth and are sized to suit the opening width.

Hood: Galvanised sheet steel hood to enclose the shutter coil at the head of the opening.

Operation: Electric operation by a 230V AC tubular motor

Control: Provided with a security key switch for normal operation. A fire door interface panel provides a link to the client fire alarm system and requires a volt free signal to close the shutter on alarm activation. An audio visual panel is provided to warn users of imminent closure. A 240V battery backup is provided to ensure the fire shutter drives to the closed position even when mains power has failed. An optional smoke/heat detector with relay base can be provided to provide a volt free signal.

 Certification: CE marked in accordance with BS EN 16043 for 60 minute (E60), 120 minute (E120) and 240 minute (E240) applications in flexible (timber or drywall) or rigid (steel or masonry) structures.

Finish: Available galvanised or powder coated