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Fast Doors

The Marian Fast Acting Fabric Door is designed for industrial environments to reduce the transfer of heat, noise and airborne pollution across an opening.  The doors are designed to give long term reliable performance where very high traffic flow is expected.

Curtain:  Single ply woven polyester fabric with polyester coating to each face. A row of clear PVC vision panels are provided each 250mm x 1000mm high spaced at 400mm centres. The curtain is provided in dark blue as standard but a range of colours are available. An optional full clear PVC curtain is available for internal opening up to 3000mm Wide x 3000mm High. Wind straps and a guide mounted tensioning mechanism prevent curtain blow out in windy conditions.

Guides:  Galvanised and powder coated steel guide sections contain the curtain tension mechanism. The guides are powder coated RAL 1021 yellow as standard but optional colours are available

Bottom Edge:  Composite steel protected bottom edge is designed for ease and economy of replacement if necessary. The bottom edge is powder coated RAL 1021 as standard but optional colours are available.

Operation:  A heavy duty 3 phase electric motor opens the curtain at approx. 1.5 metres per second. Super smooth operation is provided by a frequency inverter.

Control:  Automatic adjustable timed return and panel mounted push buttons are included. Optional floor embedded induction loop, high level passive infra-red detection, photocell detection or remote control operation is available.

Safety; Slow closing speed eliminates the risk of striking obstacles within the opening at speed. Safety photocells prevent closure while the opening is occupied. Fail safe edge will stop the door if it meets an obstruction and return the door to the open position.  Construction and installation is in accordance with the safety requirements of European Standard 13241-1.